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Rays Biomass Rocket Stove

Outdoor Camping Stove

Wood Burning Camping Stove

We supply Rays Rocket stove to {{region.regionname}}


Uses very little wood while burning.

Welcome to the magic
of smokeless cooking.

Ideal for your STOEP, CAMPING
the outdoors
, and off the grid living in {{region.regionname}}.

Alternative lifestyle
made easy.

We also do Solar Cookers Click here...


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{{region.regionname}} Wood burning Rocket Stoves suppliers of

Rays Wood Burning Rocket Stove

Our Rocket stove uses very little wood while burning.

Ideal for camping, the outdoors or off the grid living.


{{region.regionname}} - Bio Mass Wood burning stove

Clean Burning Rocket Stove

If you live in {{region.regionname}} and are looking for an off the grid alternative cooking method,

Rays Rocket stove is for You.

Based on the rocket wood burning principles, burning biomas creates a suction within its L-shaped chamber.

By using this basic principle, it allows the right amount of oxygen to be sucked into the fire so that it burns hot enough to ignite all the volatile gasses, which in an inefficient fire would escape as smoke, which is the visible form of un-burnt gasses.

The result is a smokeless, hot, efficient fire, using very little wood and leaving very little ash.

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Outdoor Camping Stove

How to Use

*Uses very litte wood.
*Low Carbon Footprint.
*Smokeless cooking.

{{region.regionname}} Outdoor Camping Stove

Welcome to the magic
of smokeless cooking.

Ideal for your STOEP, CAMPING
the outdoors
, and off the grid living.

Alternative lifestyle
made easy.

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Buy Rays Rocket Stove

Cooks using only a FEW STICKS of wood.
Takes a single kettle, skottle, pot or potjie.

Rocket Stove

Outdoor Camping Stove for {{region.regionname}}

Do you live in {{region.regionname}}, and are you looking for an energy efficient stove.

Going Camping ?
Enjoy cooking outdoors ?
Want to live off the grid ?,

Perfect for your next camping trip, outdoor living, STOEP or PORCH.













































































































































Rocket Stove

Portable Camping Stove

Outdoor Potjie Camping Stove

Wood Burning Rocket Stove - Bio mass cooker

Our wood burning stove is up-cycled where possible from quality rejected gas cylinders and sheet metal, and combined with wrought iron legs, grates and a burn chamber. It’s a clean burning portable wood stove.

Cooks whole meals using very little sticks, newspaper, cardboard, plant stalks, pine cones etc, commonly referred to as biomass.

Can boil 2 litres of water within 10 minutes.

Takes a single kettle, pot, no 3 potjie, skottle or wok.

Light to carry and portable.

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Weight : + - 4kgs.

Dimensions of Box

Length : 470 mm
Width : 300 mm
Height : 310 mm

(Stove packaged on its side)

Dimensions of Rocket Stove

Stove Height : 450 mm
Stove Top Diameter : 250 mm
Chimney : 75 mm

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Rocket Stoves Cookers Off the grid Rocket Cooker Stove


100% S.A Product.














































































































































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Wood burning Rocket Stove - Camping outdoor stove

Rocket Camping Stove for {{region.regionname}}

Rays Rocket Stove - Minimize your carbon foot print in {{region.regionname}}

Probably the best Camping stove you will ever buy for {{region.regionname}}...
The Rays Rocket Stove or camping stove ensures almost completely clean combustion.

Our outdoor camping stove, the Rays Rocket Stove is virtually smokeless once burning well. The Rocket Cooker special design produces a high heat with a minimal amount of wood burning required.

{{region.regionname}} Wood burning Camping stove

{{region.regionname}} Wood Rocket Stove

Do You live in {{region.regionname}}. You can order Rays rocket stove online, and we will send you a final price anywhere on our beautiful and precious planet. The Rays Rocket Stove is built using recycled materials including cylinders and sheet metal, to minimise the impact on our environment.

Little bits of wood and biomas (ie dried plant stalks/newspaper/cardboard)) can be collected a short distance from around our homes in {{region.regionname}}. So we are not destroying more trees, we are simply using what’s already been discarded.

A handful of wood will provide enough energy to boil a two litre kettle of water within 15 minutes.

An average milk crate (aprox 20 litres) full of kindling will supply enough energy for an average family of four people to cook and boil all their needs for approximately four days in {{region.regionname}}.

{{region.regionname}} Wood Burning Stove

Rays wood burning rocket stove has just enough oxygen dispensed through the smoke gases and burns at a high enough temperature so that everything reduces down to only water vapour, carbon dioxide, heat and a little ash.

Given the problem of carbon dioxide and its notoriety as a greenhouse gas, the cleaner we burn wood, the less carbon dioxide we create and the less wood we use in {{region.regionname}}.

The infrastructure of power stations and gas production, and the distances this energy needs to travel to get to us, has an immense carbon footprint in {{region.regionname}}.
By saving on fossil fuels no matter what their origin, we lessen our carbon footprint and play our part in loving our planet, by doing our bit in {{region.regionname}}.